Concria 46” Plastic Slide blades – Pack of 5

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Concria Slide Plastic Blades slide and clip right over conventional finishing blades in seconds meaning you no longer have to have a dedicated machine for finishing with plastic blades. The blades are made of the toughest plastic and provide outstanding wear and impact resistance.

Unlike other plastic blades, Concria slide blades can be used on every stage of finishing or can be quickly fitted to standard finish blades for final passes to eliminate burn marks and produce a uniform and aesthetic finish.

Plastic blades are only used in the final stages of finishing to burn the concrete. Typically when you burn concrete with steel blades, the resulting darker colour is a result of steel filings wearing off the blade. Conversely, when using plastic or Teflon blades, the burn will be of a lighter colour due to the colour of the blades.




Packaging Dimensions:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
Features and Benefits
  • Last longer than other plastic or steel blades
  • Consistent colour – no burn marks
  • Won’t scratch the concrete if overworked
  • Produce a superior shine
  • Install or remove in seconds
  • Minimise plastic shrinkage
  • Suits most 46” Trowelling Machines
  • Packaged in a set of 5 Blades
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