Guarda Edge Cutter & Exhaust Vac Combo

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The Guarda Edge Cutter and the Guarda Exhaust Vac is the perfect combo for most applications. The Guarda Edge cutter extracts the slurry, dust and fumes away from the operator leaving no slurry mesh and reducing airborne silica well below accepted levels.

The Guarda Exhaust vacuum connects to the outlet of the Edge cutter and extracts the water, slurry and fumes. The unique outlet on the top of vacuum allows for the connection of an additional vacuum hose to remove the fumes further away from the operator (E.g. Out a window etc).

  • Max Cutting Depth: 150mm
  • Max Blade Size: 380mm
  • Power: 93.6cc
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 700mm x 250mm x 420mm
Features and Benefits
  • Tri-vac technology captures the dust, slurry and fumes created by the saw
  • Safe to use in enclosed areas
  • Save time on cleanup
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