Superior 1200mm Pro Float – Square Ends & Pro Tilt Kit




This combo includes the Superior 1200mm Pro Float and a Pro Tilt mechanism with the QAS mount. Simply clip on a bull float handle and you’re ready to go.
The Superior Pro Float is a unique double edged aluminium bullfloat. One edge features a cutting edge designed to cut off high spots and roll them in to the surface. The opposing edge is a rounded edge designed to seal the surface. When using with the QAS Pro Tilt mechanism, the float can be rotated in seconds to take advantage of the cutting or sealing edge.
Pro Tilt mechanism is truly a superior mechanism. The rugged die cast aluminum body houses a gear driven pivot and 100% sealed bearings for incredibly smooth operation. The mechanism also features a tension nob which allows the pitch to be locked at any angle for precise performance and a reduction in user fatigue.

Features and Benefits
  • Pro Float has two edges, a cutting edge, and a sealing edge
  • Can be used flat to increase suction
  • Connects to the Pro Tilt mechanism using the QAS system
  • Eased ends to prevent leaving lines
  • Made in the USA
  • Super smooth mechanism action
  • 100% sealed bearings
  • Tension nob to lock in pitch on the float.
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