Concrete Sealer

There’s no doubt that concrete is a tough and durable material. But even concrete can start to show its age after a while. That’s where concrete sealers come in. Concrete sealers are available in a wide range of types, colours, sheens and applications, and are designed to both enhance and protect concrete surfaces. Clear sealers are generally used on decorative concrete, such as exposed aggregate and stenciled or stamped concrete, where you want to retain or enhance the visual appearance of the concrete. We’ve also got a small range of clear sealers for natural stone. Coloured sealers are essentially clear sealers with a colour tint, and can be used to re-colour concrete, just like paint. It’s a great way to freshen up a tired driveway or patio, giving it new life at a fraction of the cost of replacement. So whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a concrete sealer that’s right for you.