Trowel Machine Blades

Trowel machine blades are replaceable blades fitted to the base of a trowel machine. They’re usually attached to the blade arms with multiple bolts.

Different types of blades: There are numerous different styles and sizes of blades intended for different purposes including plastic, finishing and combination. Blades are generally referred to in inches and generally refer to the size of the machine they are suitable for. For example, a set of 46-inch combination blades are not 46-inches long, they suit a 46-inch machine.  Blades are typically sold as a set of four.

Allcon blades: Our range of blades are suitable for trowel machines ranging in size from 24-inches to 46-inches and come in black steel (common in Australia), silver steel (an American style) and polypropylene (plastic finish). Our brands suit most commom brands of trowel machine including Forza, Whiteman, Allen, Flextool, Wacker, MasterFinish, Hoppt, Bartell and Barikell.

Available in box quantities and pallet lots delivered direct to your site. Need a bulk shipment of trowel machine blades? We can handle that too. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

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