Portable Vibrators

For most concrete contractors, a handheld portable vibrator is their tool of choice for general purpose concrete consolidation. Whether it be consolidating house slabs, footings, beams, carparks etc, the portable vibrator is ideal. But there are many different brands out there, they all look the same so what is the difference. Number one, most portable vibrators are powered by a Honda GX35 engine. So the main difference is with the other end, the vibrator end.

Cheaper, inferior portable vibrators create up to 50% fewer vibrations than genuine units such as; PortaVibe, HandyVibe, SiteVibe & Ezy Vibe. They create a much smaller consolidation circle meaning they only do half the job of a genuine unit. Why don’t we stock all these brands? The brands listed above are very similar in performance and there is very little difference between them so it doesn’t make sense to stock all of them.

We stock the Portavibe unit as it features a new and improved flexible shaft which protects the inner shaft without compromising usability. “

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