Walk Behind Trowel Machines

Trowel machines, power trowels, power floats, helicopters… whatever you prefer to call them, they make it easy to get a professional finish on large areas of concrete. Walk behind machines are by far the most commonly used type and feature 1 spider with 4 blades.

Allcon walk behind machines: Our range of Forza brand walk behind trowel machines, developed by Allcon, have quality features such as heavy duty gearboxes for a long service life and excellent finish. For your peace of mind, they feature Genuine Honda engines with Australian warranties. The chrome rings are easy to clean. Your safety and convenience is assured with the 1-piece centre-balanced lifting hook. Handle adjustment is finely adjustable for maximum operator comfort. You can always rely on the rack-type throttle levers. Our walk behind trowel machines are ideal for house slabs.

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