Fresno's & Walking Trowels

Fresnos and Walking Trowels are often wrongly referred to as fresno’s however both are unique and each has a different use.
Fresno Trowels are stainless steel round-ended trowels and have a bull float mechanism fixed to the centre of the trowel. This mechanism attaches to a bull float handle and allows the user to pass the trowel out over the surface, controlling the pitch by twisting the handle. Fresno’s are often used to trowel the concrete smooth before applying exposed retarder. The trowel helps bed the stones flat resulting in a much more even exposure.
Walking trowels often called stick trowels, are also stainless steel round ended trowel however they only pivot in one direction. The pivot connects to a bull float pole and is used to trowel the surface of the concrete in a large sweeping motion. They are typically used to close up and finish house slabs.

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