Concrete trowels come in a range of sizes and shapes and are typically used for the smooth finishing of concrete and repair products.
Pointed trowels are the most common trowel for concreting and feature a thin steel blade with a steel spine for rigidity. The handle is generally located on the lower third of the trowel. The blade is square at one end and tapers towards a point at the other. This allows the user to trowel concrete without leaving trowel lines in the concrete.
Square trowels are similar to pointed trowels except the blade is square both ends. They are also normally made from thicker steel and are normally used for applying patching and repair mortars.
Pool Trowels feature a thin flexible steel blade with a steel spine and the handle located centrally on the trowel. Often the ends of pool trowels are also quite flexible. They are ideal for smooth finish concrete with curves and radius such as kerb & gutter. They are also great for finishing fine repair mortars as they make it easy to feather out the mortar edge.
Gauging Trowels look similar to a brickie’s trowel but feature a rounded nose. Often used for mixing and applying repair mortars.

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