Nutech Anti Slip Additive – 400g

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Anti Slip media can be added to the final coat of most acrylic sealers to provide extra grip and traction. The anti slip media can simply be added to the drum and mixed in with the final coat of sealer. One 400g mixed into a 20L drum will provide an approximate slip rating of R2 for surfaces with less than a 15° incline. Up to 800g of anti slip media can be added per 20L drum before the anti slip media becomes too visible on the surface. Be aware that adding too much anti slip media may compromise the effectiveness of the coating and may make it more difficult to clean


Size: 400g
Usage: up to 800g / 20L

Features and Benefits
  • Proves extra grip or traction to sealed surfaces
  • Designed to levitate in sealer for even coverage
  • When used at recommended dosage, media is not visible in sealed surface
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