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Other high-quality global brands we are proud to stock include:

Allcon is committed to bring you the best quality concrete construction equipment and products so that you’ll always be able to finish your project to the highest possible standard.

All of the brands and products we stock have been tried and tested by our expert team in-house, so you can be confident that we stand behind what we sell.

In addition to sourcing trusted brands from all over the world, we’ve developed our own range of brands so that we can give you a wider selection of quality products to choose from.

We continue to test and refine our own products based on customer testing panels, direct feedback and “real-world” testing.

Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop our premier exclusive product – GeoPlast. GeoPlast is a modular, plastic formwork for concrete that is designed to save you time, money and reduce manual labour.

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  • Boston
  • Set-up
  • Forza
  • Boss
  • Milano
  • Scharf
  • Hikoki
  • Max Watt
  • Allen
  • Screed Demon
  • Minnich
  • Formatube
  • Plastube
  • Wagmen
  • Abilox
  • Colourmix