Power Screeds

Power Screeds or wet screeds take the back-breaking work out of screeding concrete increasing productivity and reducing labour requirements. However, there are a few different types of screeds: Magic Screeds / Portascreeds: These are perhaps the most common type of power screed, the motor unit sends vibrations down to a blade which floats on the wet concrete.

The screed is used in a similar way to hand screeding, the operator would prepare two-level beams, the width of the screed bar, then ride the screed on these beams to screed the concrete level. If the job allows for it, the screed could also ride on the forms or screed rails.

Roller Screeds: Roller screeds ride on formwork or screed rails and consist of a screeding tube, powered by a motor, which spins backwards striking off/ screeding the concrete to the level of the formwork or screed rail. Double Beam Screeds: As the name suggest, a double beam screed consists of an engine and vibrator mounted on two parallel beams. The beams ride on the formwork, consolidating and screeding the concrete. These are typically used in precast yards for screeding off panels