Floor Levelling Compounds

Just as the name would suggest, floor levelling compounds are used to level out and repair concrete floors. It’s known for being easy to use and highly effective when applied correctly. When mixed with water, the cement based compound will flow to the lowest point in order to level out dips and defects in concrete floors.

Allcon floor levelling compound products: To help you get your project completed in full and on time, we supply a range of floor levelling compounds. BossLevel Standard is an economical, self-levelling compound designed to prepare floors prior to installing floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet and timber flooring. Dribond Level Floor Tuff is a high strength compound which can be used as a trafficable surface and is great for repairing industrial or domestic floors.

Available in pallet lots delivered direct to your site. Need a bulk shipment of floor levelling compound? We can handle that too. Get in touch with us for a free quote.