Construction Grout

Thanks to its low cost, ease of use and high compressive strength, construction grout is perhaps the most widely used repair product in the construction sector. Some of its uses include:

• Grouting underneath precast panels and concrete sections
• Grouting underneath machinery bases or structural steel elements
• Grouting post tension cable pans and conduits
• Filling under rebates, cavities, gaps and infills
• Filling core holes created by core drilling
• Core filling block work walls

Different types of construction grout: Construction grout is often referred as non-shrink grout, shrinkage compensated grout and expandite grout. This simply refers to grout which is specifically formulated to expand whilst the grout is in a plastic state (uncured/unset) to prevent shrinkage and settlement. This is especially critical when underpinning machinery or steel elements.

Allcon construction grout products: To help you get your project completed in full and on time, we supply a range of construction grouts. From standard class A non-shrink grout, to class C high strength grout, we can deliver pallet loads to your site at the drop of a bucket. Get in touch with us for a free quote.