Hydrotite Swellable Concrete Waterstops

Hydrotite is the most popular swellable waterstop and has a track record world-wide as a high quality, cost-effective solution. It consists of a unique combination of expanding hydrophilic materials and non-expanding chloroprene rubber co-extruded together to form a single strip. The co-extrusion means that the expansion is directed across the join creating an extremely effective compression seal within the joint, shutting out water ingress. When properly installed, Hydrotite is capable of sealing heads of water up to 50m and is used throughout the construction industry to seal horizontal and vertical construction joints for poured in-situ concrete.

Allcon Hydrotite products: To help you get your project completed in full and on time, Allcon stocks Hydrotite in 2mm, 7mm and 10mm thickness. They all feature an adhesive strip backing to enable adhering directly to the concrete surface. The thickness should be verified and approve by the consulting engineer on any project. If you’re unsure which size to use, just ask one of our friendly concrete experts. Also available in gun grade (Leakmaster) for use on rough concrete.

To learn more about Hydrotite and other types of concrete waterstops, click here to check out our buyers guide.

Available in box quantities and pallet lots delivered direct to your site. Need a bulk shipment of Hydrotite? We can handle that too. Get in touch with us for a free quote.