Tie Wire

Tie wire is one of the most common ways to secure reinforcing bar (rebar) prior to concrete placement. It is used by steel fixers to tie rebar and to secure the reinforcing mesh to bar chairs. Tie wire is also used as a general fastener on construction sites. A set of end nips or a powered rebar tier is required to twist the tie wire together. The pros will usually keep their tie wire in an ideal reel which is worn on the belt.

Allcon tie wire products: To help you get your project completed in full and on time, we supply a range of tie wire products. We’ve got belt packs (ideal coils) and loop ties to tie wire to suit battery powered rebar tying guns such as the Max RB441T and the Rapid tool RT40. We stock it all.

Available in box quantities and pallet lots delivered direct to your site. Need a bulk shipment of tie wire? We can handle that too. Get in touch with us for a free quote.