Personal Protection Gloves

Our fingers and hands are our most important tools, but do we put enough emphasis on protecting them correctly? Ever thought about tying your shoe laces without fingers? What about trowelling, screeding, patching? It would be impossible! Personal protective gloves come in many different types and styles, depending on their specific protective role. It’s important to make sure you are wearing the right gloves for the job you’re working on to avoid causing damage to your hands.

Allcon personal protection gloves: The Allcon range of protective gloves provide excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, which is an essential part of your personal protection. They are long lasting and offer great dexterity. The Allcon GripMaster gloves are a premium nylon glove with a latex GripMaster coating on the palm and fingers. This unique combination provides long lasting protection without compromising on comfort and usability. Available in a range of cut ratings as determined by EN388 ratings.

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