Geoplast modular formwork
Geoplast modular formwork

Geoplast is a reusable, plastic, modular formwork system.

It can be assembled in a variety of ways to suit your specific application, ranging from circular columns to large walls and foundations.

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Why choose Geoplast reusable plastic formwork?

  • Save Time and Money: Fast, no-tool installation, and light enough to lift up, over, and onto almost any job.
  • Reusable: Each module can be reused over 100 times
  • Worker Smarter: Lighter, weatherproof, recycled ABS product that’s nonstick – no form oil required.
  • Versatile: The modular components from each system fit together to suit every size and type of project with minimum outlay.
  • No Release Agent: The smooth ABS surface produces a high class finish with no need for form release agents and oils.
  • Fast Stripping: Components are disassembled quickly and the system can be moved in sections allowing even faster set up on repetitive projects.
  • Compact: All components are easily packed onto pallets for efficient transport and storage.
  • No Waste: 100% reusable components reduces site waste and disposal costs.
  • Recyclable: Geoplast ABS panels are fully recyclable at the end of their life.
  • Water and Chemical Resistant: ABS plastic is water and chemical resistant allowing use in marine environments.

Geoplast Products

Geopanel Wall

Used for forming:

  • Walls
  • Foundation structures
  • Pile caps
  • Pits
  • Bridge structures
  • Capping beams
  • Lift shafts
  • Wall encasing columns
  • Panels from 150mm – 1200mm

Geotub Round

Used for creating:

  • Round columns
  • Foundation blocks
  • Pile caps
  • Bridge structures
  • Encasing steel columns
  • Columns repair
  • Can be used with wall panels for creating oval columns sizes from 250mm – 1m

Geopanel Star

  • Adjustable column formwork
  • Adjustable in size from 200mm – 1m
  • Can also be used with wall panel for forming larger columns and walls

Geoplast Accessories



  • Complete range of Geoplast accessories (sold separately to Panel and Geotub Round products)





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