PVC Waterstop

PVC waterstops are ideal for sealing critical joints in concrete as they provide the best defense against water ingress. The PVC profile is cast in both the first and second slab creating a physical, impermeable barrier. Furthermore, PVC profiles are welded together at intersections or joins to ensure a consistent waterstopping barrier. The width of a PVC waterstop is generally matched to the thickness of the concrete and is available in two main types, centrally placed (Centrestop) or externally placed (Rearguard).
Centrally placed waterstop is generally tied to the reinforcing and is located centrally in the joint and is available for both construction and expansion joints.
Externally placed waterstop is typically placed at the back of the joint and is generally adhered to formwork. Externally placed waterstop is available for both construction joints and expansion joints.

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