Blades and Pans

Power trowels, Trowel Machines, power floats, helicopters… whatever you prefer to call them, have blades or shoes which will wear as you trowel the concrete. These blades will need replacing regularly to ensure the correct finishing of concrete. However, there are numerous different styles and sizes of blades intended for different finishes and purposes such as:

  • Combination Blades
  • Finish Blades
  • Wide Finish Blades
  • Black Steel
  • Polished Steel
  • Blue Steel Blades
  • Plastic or Teflon Blades
  • Float pans

How to identify what size blades are required.

Trowel machine blades are generally referred to in inches and generally refer to the size of the machine they are suitable for. E.g a set of 46” combination blades are not 46” long, they suit a 46” machine.

The easiest way to find out what blades your machine takes is to find the manufacturers serial number plate. This normally specifies the size of the machine in inches or millimetres. If this is unreadable or missing, simply measure the diameter of the trowel machine ring or the distance from the end of one blade to the end of the opposite blade.

The below table should help you to identify the size of your machine.

Size (mm)

Approx 600mm

Approx 750mmApprox 850mmApprox 900mmApprox 1000mm

Approx 1200mm

Size (Inches)