Boss Surface Finisher – 20L

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Boss Surface Finisher is a non-film-forming sodium silicate solution designed to penetrate and densify concrete surfaces providing permanent case hardening and dustproofing. Densifiers can also be used to treat lightly rain-damaged slabs. Boss Surface finisher penetrates the surface and reacts with the free lime, bonding and strengthening the structure of the concrete.
Due to its high silicate content, surfaces treated with Boss Surface Finisher also develop an attractive sheen aiding in appearance, cleanability and dustproofing. Boss Surface Finisher is commonly used to treat large warehouse floors, retail floors and multi-level carparks.
Being a “surface treatment,” Boss Surface Finsher will not wear off and never needs to be reapplied making it the perfect, long-lasting surface treatment.


Coverage: 5-10m2 (Depending on porosity of concrete)

Size: 20L

Pallet Qty: 32 Drums


Features and Benefits
  • Boss Surface Finisher can be used on old or new concrete surfaces.
  • Can penetrate the surface by as much as 6mm
  • Increases abrasion resistance by as much as 25% or more
  • Adds an attractive sheen to concrete.
  • Boss Surface finisher is easy to apply – just mop or spray it on (two coats is usually sufficient).
  • Boss Surface Finisher meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM C-67/ Section 10 – Efflorescence; ASTM C-666 – Freeze/Thaw Resistance; ASTM C-23-89 – Artificial Weathering; ASTM D-56-91 – Flash Point (None); ASTM D-1644-91 – Non-Volatile; ASTM D-5084-91 – Permeability; ASTM C-518 – Thermal Conductivity Resistance; and VOC/VOS Compliant.

Why buy from Allcon: Boss Surface Finisher is manufactured by exclusively by Allcon and is available in 20L, 200L or 1000L Drums.

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